He dumped me? was I or he in the wrong?

He wanted me but after he found out I was depressed, he dumped and said I should fix myself and then come back, he said I ruined my chances, I was really really depressed and suffered from anxiety, I just needed someone to be positive and trust in me. Instead he judged me and said my personality sucked (I cursed him out a few times) he said he was sorry he met me at the wrong time and wish he didn't met me. If he really adored me as he said he does, wht did he leave and just wanted to be friends?


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  • if you're depressed its not fair to your SO but i do not think he handled it appropriately either


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  • i have anxiety and, if my guy handled it the way yours did, his ass would be on the street instantly.

    if he can't handle you at your worst, he doesn't deserve you at your best (or at all).



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  • well he was the same (wanting someone to encourage u etc) u have to believe in yourself first and then look for a person to help u be positive and make u feel safe with him