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So I'm in a interracial relationship at the moment, and he likes to pull my hair.. Just in General lol, but it kinda turns me tbh. Any who last night he said he wants me to grow my hair out😂😂 I found this so hilarious cause I'm the first black girl he's ever went out with.. I'm like I hope you know it takes FOREVER for a black girl hair to grow & he offers to give me vitamins to grow it. Should I go along with this? I don't want to ask him bc he may take it the wrong way. He's also told me he likes my natural hair I just don't know why he would want it longer. It isn't that short either ☺ thank you.


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  • I'm in an interracial relationship too, and i asked my SO to go natural too. I also didn't know anything about black hair, or even that it was a "thing" I always thought hair is hair. She isn't the only AA woman I've been with, but she's the first where we're thinking of getting married, so I've had to learn a few things.

  • he probably wants more hair to pull, but only do it if you want to not because that is what he wants


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