Guys&Gals I need your help?

I'm attractive but single and super fun to be around but some guys find me intimidating, or act scared to approach me and thinks I don't want to be bother (I guess I have testing bitch face) but once they hang with they see that I'm sweet and a cool ass chick to be around. My question is : how can I look more approachable and not so mean? What are some ways I can signal a guy that I'm interrsted just as well as he is?
Any other tips or well appreciated!!!


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  • You should be more friendly, and energetic, maybe you could try taking initiative, ask guys out, most guys would love that.

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • Try to relax your face and smile more. Practice making eye contact with guys and giving a friendly smile - sometimes they'll take it as a cue to approach you.

    Do the approaching. Make a comment that's relevant to the situation.


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