Girls are trying to compete with me for the same guy?

Alright so there's this pretty cool guy at my work who is handsome, long story short at least 3 girls i know are actively persuing him and i just started working there but it seems that he likes me and i like him. But these girls are trying to slander me and also they say stuff like "theres no way he likes you. You dont know him like i do" etc. How should i deal with this? Its making me feel bad and turning me off from what could be a great relationship.


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  • Ignore them. Just continue talking to the guy like nothing else matters. They should be zero reason for you guys not to become a thing if you both genuinely like each other. They probably see that he likes you too and are jealous. Non jealous people don't usually say crap like that.

  • Look at it this way. You must be winning cause they see you as a threat. Peace


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