Is it best to just talk to a girl and try to get the number even if everything inside of you is saying PREPARE TO BE REJECTED😁?

I like this girl at my gym and omg she is just absoloutely breath taking to me... I see a lot of guys acting really thirsty when she comes around. I want to just try and get her number so we can maybe hang out but I'm pretty confident I'll be getting rejected. lol should I just ask anyway? This girl is waaaayyy out of my league but i was always told the only wrong questions are the questions not asked. Should I just man up and ask even if I get turned down for should I just keep to myself and find another candidate?

  • Man up and ask
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  • Don't waste your time she has enough dudes drooling over her
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  • Find another girl that doesn't have a million groupies
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  • You don't really have much to lose by taking a chance at getting to know her so go for it.

    Don't start by asking for her number, though. Few girls are willing to so readily hand it out to complete strangers. Chat to her a bit the next few times you see her, A little more small talk every single time before asking her to hang out, then her number.


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  • This "league" thing is overrated. Really. And if you ask her out and she acts like you are out of her league than do you need that kind of girl anyway?

    • Your right. Here's a small theory, try to bare with me cuz it may or may not make sense.. The thrill in getting a legitimate partner is the chase. If a woman gives herself over to me easily then chances are she will probably cheat just as easily when the next cuter guy comes along. I often believe chasing women is almost like fishing... No man wants a fish to Just swim up and jump on the fishing hook like..

      (take me I'm yours)

      That's why I say the thrill is in the chase, the harder you fight the better it feels when you see success... But where do you draw the line? How can you tell when you shouldn't chase her because she's just being a snob and being conceited? Nobody wants to be a groupie and follow the crowd that's struggling to get in the girls panties or something.

      (I hope all of this made some sort of sense to you)

    • Yeah I get the chase thing, but when a girl seems hard to get but treats you nice and shows at least some interest is completely different than a girl who just treats you like nobody because of her assumptions on leagues. That is where you draw the line.

    • Well okay, thank you:)

  • Aww this is so cute. I think you should go for it


What Guys Said 5

  • Go for it. You never know she might have a thing for confidence

  • Well don't ask for her number if you've never talked to her before. People tend not to give their numbers out to total strangers. You need to introduce yourself and try to get a conversation flowing.

  • When someone's sole advice is to "Man up" , then remember that's the most douche way you could proceed things with.

    • Explain your hypothesis, how is that a dousche way? I feel like I'm being afraid of rejection because I feel as if I know the outcome. Why waste time and energy in approaching her when I already feel like I know she won't give me the time of day..

    • When you know if you ask her right now, 99% chance is that she will dump you, you'd be a moron to ask then.
      But if you want and let the connection between you both grow, then your chances increase.

  • "Find another girl that doesn't have a million groupies" 1 vote, that's me... tell her she's gorgeous and that you're not going to waste her time and that you're going to find a chick without a fan club. she'll be in your fan club real quick...

  • Man up? Lol what a feminazi thing to say... Fuck dating and fuck relationships!! There is no equality in these arrangements.

    • Ahaha I agree but some men are in need of a companion and a woman's touch. I'd like to have a girl to talk to me and tell me things and rub my head and kiss my ugly face an lol I just miss those things from a woman's touch

    • Only indoctrinated feminist men are in such a "need"

      Men have always kept women separate and women were NEVER for company. Sex, yes. But in this age of equality there's no need to bend over backwards and be oppressed to get sex.

      It's MUCH BETTER to be single, than with a modern woman.