Girls, My best female friend always wants to be with me and stay the nights most of the time. I've never made a move?

because she is my best friend and I respect her too much. The truth is I really do care for her and want more. I feel so stupid for not making a move before now. I just don't want to lose her but I don't see why she would stay and not want more as well. It also throws me off that she talks about other guys to me. I feel so much tension between us but I can't make myself make a move?


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  • Tell her exactly what you wrote in this post!
    Openly communicating means she knows where you stand. After that you won't have to worry about a making a move once you know her reaction.

  • It seems to me that she probably is interested in you. As for talking about other guys, it's a dumb thing that girls subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) do to gauge the guys reaction a lot of the time. If they casually mention a guy and you seem jealous, it gives her an idea of whether you're into her. If she does like you and thinks you keep passing up all of these opportunities she gives you, then she might be using that as a way to figure out if you even like her back or see her only as a friend. I think you need to let her know that you are interested in taking things further with her, or try making a move and see what happens.