What does it mean when you tell someone something and they say "nice"?

To me, it just screams disinterest.

For instance, I was talking to a guy today, a guy I like and have been seeing for a few months. I was telling him about this new movie theatre in town, and said that I would really like to go sometime (HINT HINT!). To which he replied "Nice".

Should I just go hide under a rock now? Or do you think I am overreacting? I haven't responded to him yet. Don't know if I should say anything or just leave him alone if I bore him so much.

So far I plan all of our dates, and it's getting tiring. It would be nice for him to plan something out and kind of surprise me once.


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  • maybe not so interested or jist dense? ask him
    what he likes to do ? maybe he'll tell you and then you just tell him " oh maybr we can go there together ? "