How would I know what type am I attracted to?

I love my brown girls but my parents ant me to like white girls now i also like white girls but i don't want girls looking at me and thinking i'm a traitor i remember seeing a brown girl talk about being hurt when she saw a white girl with a brown guy, now i knw guys who get hurt for the same reason when girls go with whit guys, so I don't know brown girls go with white and even black guys. I'm rally attracted to brown girls but a lot of them are not nice to me, it's White girls who show me more attention an seem to be more fun (the ones i've tlked to that is ) I don't know generally they r asier to ltk to in my case, maybe i should be more brave an tlk to more girls i guess I don't know but i also love white girls and white hispanic girls but the ones who are family oriented I don't know i'm lost my parents also fine with me datign Asians i'm also into them


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  • wow unusual situation that ur parents want u to date white. are u christian? mayb thats why. im brown tooo, and everyone knows brown culture has an out of this world obsession with lighter skin. date who u want and connect with. if ur fam is happy with it, double bonus.

    i personaly like brown guys way more than white. but i wouldn't be offended by a brown guy dating a white girl. brown people cuz of conservative culture have extra hurdles to face in the datin world which is why i think dating them and them showing interest in u gets complicated


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  • Date who ever you want no matter what race. personally i like them all. But if you're phisically and emotionally attracted to them go for it.


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  • Yo, this is 2016. Do you live in the South or some shit? A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, beauty in every ethnicity. Date whoever you want, if you're parents tell you otherwise, disregard them, they don't deserve to have children in the first place.