Boyfriend meets parents help?

i have been dating this guy for a few months and i want him to meet my mom and sister. This guy is 24 he has no job yet, a daughter from a previous relationship 4 years ago, and lives with his sister, and has a car but its not working and he has to get it fixed but he drives his sister car when she lets him. The reason he does not have a job is becuase him and his sister are going into their own business together (a recording studio). They already have the building and are looking into bying materials, supplies, equipment now. THey are very serious about their business. His sister helps out if he needs money. The only problem is my mom says is a boy is not in college then he should have a job. He should not rely on his sister or anyone for money. If he has a girlfriend he should want to spend money his money on her instead of asking others for money to spend on his girlfriend. My mom doesn't want him taking advantage of me cuz im working and graduating from college. I know my boyfriend is not the type of person to ask me for my money becasue he has not done so yet. I just think my mom is pre judging him before meeting him becuase he's not the typical guy that goes to college, has a job, or nice car. Is my mom wrong for thinking this way? What should i do? I dont want my mom to make my boyfriend feel like he's a bad guy.


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  • Your mother is not 'pre' judging him, she's only calling out what she sees in front of her. Step back away from your feelings and think of it logically - a 24 year old who already had a kid and has split from the mother, no higher education, no job and leeches off his sister - what conclusion would you draw?

  • Let me guess. He's black and you're white.

    • umm that rude of you to even think like that IF we were those races.

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    • I can see your against interracial couples. im guessing our a white dude and your girl friend left you for a black guy. sucks doesn't it.

    • I'm not against interracial couples. Whites, Asians, hispanics, indians, etc. I just think white girls who sleep with black guys are trashy. I've never been cheated on, or have been left for a black guy. Good guess though.

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  • Your mom has a point. However, she might like him more once she meets him and sees how well he treats you :)

    • He treats me respectfully. i just want her to see what i see in him. he doesn't take advantage of me.