Girl is mad at me... What to do?

This girl who has a crush on me is mad at me and won't talk to me because of drama that went down with her and my close friend. I decided to side with my friend and confronted her about it but she refuses to admit her fault and take any action yet blames me for getting involved and just a lot of bs excuses to get mad at me.

I don't know what to do. I feel a little guilty but I don't want to apologize.



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  • She may not have a crush on you anymore. If you feel guilty you should apologize.. For getting involved.


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  • Who cares if a girl is mad at you. It's a fucking girl! They're dumb bitches.


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  • Just let it work itself out. Drama is crappy, but if people really want things to work then they will try to make it work.

  • Doesn't seem like we have the full story. But you really didn't need to get involved the problem wasn't with you.

    • Well, I wasn't the only one involved. Everyone thinks it's her fault and some even confronted her. But those that confront her just get the cold shoulder from her. And I ended up being one of them because I did care for her.

      It's like I'm trying to fix things yet she just counters everything I say and turns it around on me so it all ends up being MY fault.

    • Then honestly leave her alone, don't waste your time. She probably just want someone to side with her and if she was wrong let her be.

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