Guys I Am Confused By This Guy, Is He Interested In Me Help?

There's a guy that I have feelings for, we are long distance, we keep intouch on Whatsapp, a couple of weeks ago, I had updated my profile pic, he messaged me saying nice pic, you look pretty, I updated my pic at the weekend, and he messaged me today saying nice pic of you, I didn't respond right ago, was going to reply later, I got another message from him, how are you darling, I responded and said thank you for the compliment,(he had also updated his pic at the weekend) I like your picture too, he replied really, I asked him how he was, he said he was ok and you, I said I was ok thank you, he replied again i'm ok too thanks, he then said did you have fun last time, he said any pictures from your party, I said didn't take any friends we're drunk, he said sounds like fun, he said ok what about you, I said I have lots of pictures, just only a couple of pics from that nite, I said u like seeing my pics, he said yes its alright, I said there nothing special, he said I should see to judge, i'm nothing special, I replied saying you are to someone, more than you know, he replied ok, he sent another one about 10 mins later saying so can I get a pic. I sent him one, he then said whats the secret of this smile, his next message was so your wrist is fine now thats why you went out last time, I said yes... Is he into me?

Forgot to add, he is always the one who initiates messaging to me


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What Guys Said 2

  • Can't say for sure if he is into you, but these are positive signs.

  • Maybe, it sounds like he was interested in seeing pictures of you and hearing about how/what you are doing, which could be a good sign


What Girls Said 1

  • Is kind of hard to tell, but judging from the way most girls struggle to get a text back, he has some type of interest in you. Whether it be friendly or romantic.

    If you want to find out, you can ask him questions about his ideal girl and see if you fit the descriptions.

    Or if your feeling really bold you can just flat out ask him.