She just kind of dropped me, why?

Me and this girl have been friends for about 6 months. We got to know each other more and more, share secrets and so on. She has not the best home life, so I help her whenever I can, with whatever she needs. I always check in on her etc. She started getting flirty with me, like she developed feelings, and over time I started to develop feelings back. We walked to classes, flirted, teased, and she wanted to know about Prom and so on. I was just about to ask her out, literally the next day, then, a another guy come into her life. I can't say I really know him, and am not one to bash people I don't know. I asked if they were dating, and she keeps telling me no (yet they still hang out, and her friends keep asking if they are official, in which case she looks over at me and says no, I don't know why). However, since then, she seems to talk to me a lot less, and even when I offer her help, or just try to be there for her she seems to ignores me or just brushes it off. Whenever I try to distance myself, she messages me a lot, and spams my phone, when I respond or ask whats wrong, takes a while to hear back if that at all. Even when I try to see if she needs help, its like she just doesn't care anymore. Why did this girl, who is my friend, then someone who I feel for, cut me short so quick? What do I do?


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  • Maybe she's been hoping that you would ask her out and since you didn't she feels rejected by you, so in turn she's trying to reject you and make it seem like she doesn't need you.

    • I tried asking her to hang out twice to no avail. I always tell her I care about her, its clear that I didn't reject her.

    • Then I agree with what the second girl said. If your trying to reach for her and she's not reaching back then there's no point in reaching anymore.

      Try to move on without her and if you guys are really meant to be together whether it be as friends or lovers then she will come to you.

      I know it can be hard to let someone go in life, but I did it before and I have a better group of friends that love and support me.

  • Oh sweetie... it sounds like you were a great friend to her and she got used to you being in her life. But now there is this new guy and when you try to get close, she has him and doesn't need you as much. But when she senses you pulling away, she's afraid that you won't be around whenever she wants you to be. My thought is to distance yourself, gain new friends and ask another girl to prom. If she is still interested, she'll make the effort.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you have a choice make her your girlfriend or leave and let the other guy have her, up to you.