No expectations when going on 1st dates?

I had the hardest luck going on good dates before I met my ex. Now 4 months or so out of that relationship, I have climbed out of my shell of misery and I am starting to date. My 1st date w/my ex was magical and I had such low expectations. Before I knew it my heart ran away from my brain and was hit w/the truck of heartbreak. I have a good head on my shoulders and I do not just fall for any guy that winks at me. how can I have no expectations for this 1st date?


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  • Well I think there will always be expectations of some type on the first date even subconsciously, but I think the best way to curb a lot of major expectations is to do a fun activity or something that involves the two of you working together so that a fun experience is had and you have the opportunity to learn somethings about them while doing the activity :)


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  • Just go into it as if you were meeting a friend to hangout. The only expectation that you should have is that you two connect in some ways or the date is going to be a dud. You'll be nervous, but if you do that then you don't get your hopes up so quickly to only be let down when it doesn't work out... and let the rest play out as it will. Go into it hoping that you'll find him interesting enough to go on subsequent dates, but be prepared for the worst if you don't like the guy so much or the date sucks then try to just enjoy whatever activity you end up doing.