Women in relationship staring= not satisfied = cheating?

are girls or women who stare at guys and check them out not satisfied in relationships. is this a mild form of cheating? i lost count at how many girls and women walking hand in hand with their boyfriend/ husband stare at me. and they stare at me evey time they see me.


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  • Cheating is based on actions. Looking is okay as long as it's not all the time. And just because someone looks doesn't mean they're unhappy with their relationship. Others are still attractive, it's not like that kind of thing switches off once we get into a relationship. They either find you attractive or think they know you, but it doesn't mean they want anything to do with you.

    • i understand looking once and noticing someone but looking several times on different days by the same girl and her boyfriend was next to her every time she is staring at me.

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  • I don't look at anyone

  • Nah, humans just like to look. And when we get older, we like to remember when we and our partners had hot young bodies. It doesn't mean the person is a cheater.


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