The Girl I Like Likes 2 Guys?

So I've told her how I felt about her a couple weeks ago. Today she finally told me that she likes me too, but also that she likes another guy. The other guy lives pretty far away from her, and I get to see her pretty much every day. She also told me that she doesn't really want to choose between us. It's killing me inside. I don't also want to be too pushy with making her decide.

What should I do?


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  • I personally would not waste my time on her


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  • Firstly for her to tell you that she likes you and someone else is absolute bullshit. there's no such a thing, she will prefer one of you more. This guy like u said is far away so you should take the initiative and win her while u can. The best way to get her is if you find an occasion to hookup at some party or event or a night out... tease her, smile always, make sure u have eye contact, don't be shy bro (they hate that), be humorous, touch her occasionally by maybe putting hand on her leg when sitting or on arm when standing, if she gives you negative feedback you will know to just drop the chase. Good luck


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  • Walk away.. let her decide on her own.

  • in my opinion Its up to you mate but if i was you then i will just leave her alone i mean maybe later she be just like "Hey mate i think i decided i like that guy more sry bout that mate good bye" But maybe she like you more? But as i state its up to you but i suggest leave or else you might be the cheater or get cheated good luck still mate! :)