Help! Why can't he answer things himself?

I have this pen pal whom I'm 5 years older than. We engage into some somewhat deep conversations. In his letters he says a lot about. He asked his friend to help him write the letter, and give him an understanding. Nothing wrong with getting advice from an elder. But he say he getting help in almost every letter. I can't help but wonder if Im talking to him or his friend. Do I have a right to feel like, I am not really getting to know him persinally? and am I too advanced for him to just write me himself. Would I be able to trust him as a friend if he is. Sharing my letters with the next man? Give feedback.. And how would you feel..


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  • this is a wrong guy


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  • I'd be noping out. Like you said; are you talking to this guy or are you talking to the other guy?