So my girlfriend was basically asking "would you ever marry me" ?

so i'm working on getting back together with my ex girlfriend, i've known her almost 2 years. i'm israeli and she is not, but her living in israel for a few years made her know the culture a little bit so she knows we tend to stick together culturally...

so we're texting and she asks me "would you ever marry a non-israeli girl?", right away i said NO. thats my honest answer. but right when i said no, i realized that i fucked up so i tried recovering it by saying "well you never know" blah blah blah

was she actually basically asking "WOULD YOU EVER MARRY ME?". this thought freaks me out because we're only 22, we're practically kids, the thought has never even crossed my mind about marrying the person i'm dating... at least enough to ask them.

like how could you even consider marrying me i can't manage to do my laundry even without it smelling how do you expect me to manage your life
at least right now


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  • If you never intend to marry outside of your culture you should be honest about that. There's no right or wrong but if she's thinking marriage and you aren't there's no point in wasting either of your time. Let her go to find someone more compatible with her. You are free to date someone less serous about long term.

    • i dont really think its her thinking about marriage, cause i know her and thats just not what she's thinking about right now. it's more of her thinking "he says he loves me and wants me back, i wonder how much he loves me"

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  • say sure its not like your marrying her lol


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  • You must pretty big kid being 22 years old lol.
    Don't waste her time...

    • again, she's not actually considering it, its more her measuring how much i love her. but the part that trips me out is she actually conceived the thought of us getting married. it means that she was exploring the thought at one point

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  • It makes no sense to date without marriage in mind? If you would never marry a non Israili you are wasting both of your times and feelings. So poop or get off the pot.

    • yeah right now, it makes no sense. i dont go around dating girls thinking if i would potentially marry them or not. im just a kid!

  • She just wants to know if there ever could be a future with you years later or if she would be wasting her time with you