Why is my boyfriend always mad and breaking up with me?

My boyfriend and i have been together a year and its my longest most intense relationship yet. I love him more than anything and i would do anything to stay with him but recently he's been getting so angry and mean and bipolar. I love him and i want to stay with him but he gets angry from the way i talk to a person with no caller id calling OUR phone. please help. Depressed


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  • Why are you dating an abusive person I don't get it

    • he's almost like a drug to me. I need him or i feel im gonna lay down and just die. Its retarded ik but i honestly won't leave him

    • Good luck with that.

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  • Bipolar = being severely depressed for a long time and then on a high for a long time. Unless he's been that please don't refer to him as Bipolar. It's a stigma that hurts many people as it's not what Bipolar Disorder is. Acting one way and then another isn't Bipolar Disorder. Not even in the slightest. It's suffering from severe depression for sometimes months. I don't think that's what you meant when you said that. You seem to mean he's "emotionally unstable" which could be a symptom of many things.

    Anyway, he sounds like a jealous and immature guy to me. I'm not sure why you'd love someone who constantly breaks up with you. He's emotionally unstable and unfortunately there's not much you can do. If he isn't afraid of losing you then I'm not sure what there is to hold onto.


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  • Hmm... Can you talk to him about it without it becoming an argument? does he listen to reason?

    • Nope. He can call me all the things he wants but i say one thing and its bad

    • Ahh if you can't chat about problems then its best if you move on... for your own sake.

  • Give him space. No... give YOURSELF space from him. Respect yourself.


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