I turned him down but now I keep thinking about him?

A few weeks ago I met a guy cause we had to do a school project together (college). We met at 7 on campus and worked on the assignment until 10. Then we both went home and he texted me if I wanted to drink something/hang out. However, I saw his message only two weeks later. Then I texted him something like sorry for not responding I didn't see your message etc. Then after a while he asked if I wanted to study together at his place (at about 9.30 in the evening), but I said no because I didn't really know him that well and I had nothing to study for lol. The next week we had to meet again to work on the second part of the assignment, so we met at his place and afterwards he asked if I wanted to stay and hang with him and his roommates.. but again I said no because I had sooo many things to do that evening so I'd rather went home.

But now I regret turning him down so many times. I realize I kind of liked him and like to get to know him better... Shall I text him (what), or is that weird because he probably thinks I don't like him at all...

What should I text him?


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  • The ball is certainly in your court. I think you kept saying no because he kept asking you at legitimately bad times. Ask him out for a drink at a time that is good for you and I am sure he will jump at the chance! Good luck!


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  • Text him. You're the one who realized that you want him, plus he has already made a move so many times. Now he thinks that you're not interested. You are the one who should initiate now.

    • Yeah you are right! But what should I text him?

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  • invite him out that will show him you like him and you will be returning the favour and get to know him whats to lose.

  • If you like, it is time for you to make the move this time.


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