I finally asked her out, and this was my response, thoughts?

I was friends with this girl for 6 months. Me and her got along really well, joked, flirted etc. I started really getting feelings for her, and she seemed to get them back (started getting touchy, teasing me, flirting, staring, etc). Well, I made my attempt to escape the dreaded FZ, after I thought I had enough signs. I asked her out to go see a movie. Now, my main problem was this, I wasn't able to tell her in person since I wasn't able to see her, and B she doesn't like calling people so I had to text her. I asked her out, and she didn't respond. Tried asking one more time (a little while later) and got "Sorry idk! I'm out atm and trying not to use data". Does this mean she might be thinking about it, or a subtle way to say no?


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  • It honestly just means she's trying to find an excuse to say no, because if she could type that she could just say "yea sure!".


What Guys Said 2

  • Broooooo, nooooooo, why'd ya send the text dude? Whatever's tho, she basically trying to find an excuse to not answer the question, which is no. She ain't worth it, can't be honest with you.

  • Dude, asking a girl out on text when you can call or meet in person is like eating veggies on a seafood buffet. Its stupid.

    The girl CANNOT avoid you in face2face encounters. She can disconnect the call and on text, ever easier, just not reply.

    • Trust me, I would have rather done it F2F, but as I said, I really couldn't and it was in the moment type of thing. This statement though: "Sorry idk! I'm out atm and trying not to use data"-is a no though I guess right?

    • Yep, the fact that she didn't even address your confession is a sure no.

    • Eh, you win some ya lose some.