What is a goodnight / first date kiss?

Kind of a dumb question, but what is your definition of a goodnight kiss on a first date? Kiss on the cheek? Regular kiss, closed mouth? or a French kiss with tongue? Something else?

  • Cheek
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  • Closed mouth
    67% (2)100% (1)75% (3)Vote
  • French kiss, tongue
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  • Other - specify in comments
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What Guys Said 1

  • kiss on forehead...

    i just find that on a first date...lips to lips kissing is a little too much...for a first date...

    and kiss on cheek is a little too immature in my opinion...i do it yeah...

    but not really as a good bye thing...:D


What Girls Said 1

  • generally I guess it would be a closed mouth

    although a kiss on the cheek is fine.

    now this all depends on how well the date went

    so a first date kiss can mean anything to anybody.