Tryin to get that cute girl?

Noticed this girl for the first time she was looking at me, she's a junior and im a senior, took the easy way out and tweeted her just messing around saying hi and she said hi back. Again just messing around i said whats up, by the way i know doing this is beating around the bush but whatever, okay but now i actually want to get this girl instead of being a weirdo and tweeting, do i go up to her and be straight up and say somethin like she's cute and i wanna take her out or do i try to get to know her before i ask her out? in my opinion the way to get to know someone is to go out but thats just me. by the way the only time i see her is like for 1 second in school and she's always with her friends.


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  • I'd tell her exactly what you feel: I think you're cute, would you like to go out and get to know each other better?

    Just be prepared for rejection: it happens, and you have to stay optimistic.


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  • Just go for it but i would ask if she wants to hang out because you barely know her or at least get her number