Dating a guy that's way more attractive than me?

So recently I met this guy on an online dating site... He is a personal trainer, he is extremely attractive. I know he gets a lot of attention from women and I'm starting to really doubt that this is going to work because I don't feel good enough. I'm not what people would consider unattractive at all, I've never had issues getting dates or anything. But I still feel really self conscious. He tries to take pictures of me but I don't like it because I feel like if he posts them to social media girls are going to say some mean stuff about how ugly I am. (Although he did post a picture of us and luckily no one said anything). I have been obsessed with my appearance lately because I'm afraid one day he's going to realize I'm really not attractive enough for him or he's going to meet someone way better looking :/ I also feel pressure to have an amazing body like he does. I'm naturally really thin but I am still insecure. He calls me beautiful and really likes me (we've hung out a handful of times and talk every day) and really likes my personality but this is starting to get to me. And I certainly don't want to tell him any of this and scare him off (or make him realize its true!!) Any advice? :(


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  • I think you might be overthinking things, he has made it clear that he likes you so why are you having doubts? Yes I can understand you are feeling insecure and that's quite possible if you have someone more attractive than you are, but the try not to compare your attractiveness and his attractiveness after all you are a woman and he is a man.

    Believe it or not, if you continue feeling insecure then sooner or later it will reflect in some way or the other either in your actions or in your words or both so If you show yourself as a secure person he will like you even more and will find you irresistible.

    I mean just try, I know it's not easy but there are lot of ways to make yourself feel secure.

  • I don't know if it will work out or not... But it seems like his attractiveness definitely bothers or makes you insecure about your own... And that way it will not work out...
    So unless and until you are secure in yourself.. It won't work...

    Also remember that he gets a lot attention add you mentioned so that's one not thing you have to deal with...


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't care what other people think. be happy he's with you! He picked you and only you :)