What do you think if a guy talks with lots of women (he hasn't met anyone yet) on an online dating site?

He talked with the girls for only about a few days
He talked with them only about neutral (non-romantic/non-sexual) topics
He hasn't met anyone of these girls in real life yet
He and the girls don't even know each other's real name

  • If they both haven't even met yet, then I think it's ok.
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  • I just want to see the results
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  • I disapprove his behaviour. He should concentrate on one girl if he is really serious with her.
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  • Absolute acceptable as long as they aren't exclusive. Girls are doing it too.
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  • Other [please elaborate]
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  • I don't know
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  • What a player. I hope his testicles will burn in hell
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  • I answered "other". I would definitely not think he's a player but I would find it weird. I've been on a dating website, that's how I met my boyfriend. On there, we always shared our names, we did talk about romance and sometimes more sexual subjects... because it was the point. The point there was not to keep things friendly. That's how my boyfriend did it as well. He would talk a little and move on if nothing came out of it so yeah... it just feels odd

    • What do you find "weird"? That he (the guy in the question) doesn't talk about sexual/romantic things? Or that he talks with other girls?

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    • Yeah.

      So, you think it's ok, that he also talks with other girls?

    • Those are the early stages... there is no exclusivity at that point

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