Is this guy interested in me or not?

So there is a coffee shop I've been going to for the past month now and I come across the same barista guy. At the beginning of Feb I started to study there on Fridays and would sometimes catch him looking. I've been there like a total of 4 times to study there and I stay for several hours. Once when I was about to walk out I asked him what time they open and close. I asked this while I was walking and he started walking with me but he was behind the counter if that makes sense. I came with my friend late Saturday night and he was there. While I was waiting for my drink he kept looking up every now and then to look at me. When I went up to grab my drink he smiled super bigg at me, waved, and said "Hiiiii!!!" I got shy and just said thank you. My friend said "Omg he totally wanted to talk to you!" I went back today and he was looking at me a lot. I told him I was sorry for not speaking to him last week and he made a funny sound with a hand motion that basically said "Why didn't you talk?' I said I was really shy. Then he introduced himself and asked what my name was and shook my hand. We asked each other questions and I told him about this big grad school exam Im taking soon and he said "Oh so you're too busy to hang out with friends?" But I said "It depends on the day but I can always make time." We talked for 15 mins or more and I told him that he can always come by my table and talk to me even if Im studying and he said he will. Is he interested?


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  • He has a friendly behavior towards you. I wouldn't take that as a sign of interest.