Dating a girl after her sister took suicide?

I have been talking to a girl on a online dating site and want to ask her out. But her sister recently took suicide and I am afraid I might make her more fragile by making her emotionally invested in me.

So, any advice on how I shall proceed on this one. Is it wise to meet up with her and possibly have sex with her?


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  • I think meeting up with her is a great idea as long as you are ready for the emotional baggage she is going to have. But do not have sex with her right up front or she will become wayyyy attached early on and you don't want that type of attachment before you're sure you like her.


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  • I wouldn't date her. She probably is an emotional mess right now. She might become emotionally dependant. It wouldn't be much of a relationship.

    • Okay, but what do you mean with "become emotionally dependant", what does that mean in practice?

    • She won't be able to funtion correctly without you. she would fall apart if you broke up with her. She would need you all the time...

    • Thanks for the comment. I have bad feelings about this too.

What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with Cerigo. She's probably not really thinking about a boyfriend. She may go out with you but don't expect a commitment. Give her loads of space if you do ask her out. Personally, I wouldn't invite trouble into my life.