Short girls (5'3 and under), has a short guy (5'8 and under) ever showed romantic interest in you?

People might look at this like it's a stupid question lol.
Some tall girls get annoyed when they see a tall guy with a short girl. How come short guys usually don't care?
How did you respond? What was it like? Explain.

  • Yes I'm a short girl and this has happened
    80% (8)50% (1)75% (9)Vote
  • No I'm a short girl and this has never happened
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  • I'm a short guy and I have liked a short girl
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  • I'm a short guy and I don't like short girls
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  • I'm not a short girl nor a short guy
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And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
almost every short girl has been hit on by a short guy
does anyone else have anything to say? i could give you mho.


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  • I'm 5'2 and my boyfriend is 5'5 he's short for a guy but for me he's pretty tall. Aslong and he's taller than me then I'm good lol.


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  • I'm 4"11, and the guy im dating is 5"8. he may be classified as "short", but for me, he's pretty tall.

    • Have you ever dated guys shorter than that?

    • 5"7 was the shortest. I don't really care about height though. As long as you're taller than me, I'm good.

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