Help Analyze my situation please?

I have liked this girl for 6 months. I always told her I cared, did everything I could for her etc. She became really flirty with me, and teasy jokey. We walked around the school all today together, text all the time, so on. I tried asking her out twice, first time, she had to babysit, second I got an I don't know saying she was busy (no reschedules for both though). I then hinted at prom, and she seemed hesitant. However, lately, I did more and more things with her, talk to her more and more etc. I think I heard her friends talking about me, and when I walked in, they got real quiet and just stared at me, kind smirking. I notice she goes out of her way to talk and text me more as well. I wanted to get something for a teacher, and asked her if she would like to come with to get it at the mall, I got back a "sure" (we were texting). I can't tell if its a sort of nice I have nothing better, or if it was an actual opening but she's just being "cool". I got rejected twice, but 3rd time I got a sure, is this a good sign, or just a polite meh?


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  • I am not sure dude. She sounds like she is interested in keeping you around as a friend. I can't be sure though. You should go to the mall together and see how it goes.


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  • yes its a good sign, she is warming up to you and prom still isn't out of the question.


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