Why do crushes drive you crazy?

I'm talking the crushes you actually know! The crush who you are friends with, but you don't know how to pull the trigger but with any other person it's no problem... The crush who's opinion about you actually matters.. The crush you mess around and put yourself in the friend zone because of your shyness... The crush when you guys are together it seems like you guys are really clicking but you don't wanna make a move because you are scared about the what ifs "what if my crush doesn't like me back" the crush you can't tell if they're flirting with you or that's just their personality.. How do you get over that type of crush? I feel it's kinda of a dead horse I'm beating, I'm never gonna not try but im not about to pay the same type of attention to the situation and just be myself without the worrying about how I'm doing is she turned off does she like me what how do I change my mindset?


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  • Because you have feelings for them and their opinions are important to you.


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  • Please stop, I relate too much to this.