Im going to reconnect with my friends with benefits girl tonight. I like her a lot. What should I text her?

So its this friends with benefits i have crush on. Its been about 3 weeks since we haven't kept contact. I want to take it easy with her. I miss being with her not only for sex but her company. I wanna chill with her and spend more time getting to know her and hope that we can have something more because initially we had such potential it could have evolved but i think she got scared of commitment. I know she likes my company. What should i text her? I am honestly scared and my heart is pumping so fast as i dont know how she would react to my message. I gave her some space and now i want to reinitiate our good time like it was in our 1st date. Help guys!

Well yesterday i messaged her. I said like Hey, how have you been? She replied to me normally saying she was fine and she also asked how i was doing. However, she didn't show me so much interest in a way she used to when we used to talk casually and relaxed. Now she's like coldish and sounds too serious. I then said like i stumbled upon a step up the movie scene on youtube and that i remembered her... She then replied like "oh ok, cool :)" she does dancing too thats why i said that.


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  • Uh huh.. I smell drama. This will not end up well, especially if we assume that she is not interested in actually being with you.


What Guys Said 2

  • Had this happen to me 2x in the last 3-4 months.

    Call her, calling is way more forward than a text. Just ask her out in a date then make sure it's a fun date and hopefully her panties come off later that night.

    Good luck sir.

  • "Hola girl , Whats up? I miss you" should be ok