Got my number. didn't call. WTF

I gave a guy my number and he DID Not call me. After he got my number he texted me for a day. Talking about hanging out and stuff. Next day. no texts. day after. no text. weekend comes up he says he lost his phone. Didn't want me to think he was a d*** the only way he had my number was in his phone. but after that he did not text me. I went ahead and texted him. asking him why he asked for number if he was going to talk to me. He says its because I'm to young for him were only 3 years apart. I think its an excuse. Then he says he wants to keep talking to me. 2 days later. he has not contacted me at all. Anyways, I'm tripping over this. The whole time he's had my # he hasn't called. just text. What's up with this? obviously he wasn't interested how do I avoid this from happening again? why do guys do this?

I have 2 options. things to do about this. I Like him so I could call (not text him) and ask to get together and see what he says or ignore this like it never happened. if he says no he wasn't interested. and I'm back to nothing. or continue with nothing?


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  • If you don't like him all that much and you don't think he's interested then forget about him completely.

    If you like him and want to keep trying despite him maybe not being interested, call him up.

    He may be too nervous to call you or wants you to call or indeed may be uninterested, but you won't really know if you don't call.

    1) Don't call, still like him, it's gonna bug you until you either call or forget about him, and by then it'll be really really awkward.

    2) Call, maybe a tad awkward, but you are good at conversation and he seems to actually like you and you two set up a time to date/get together/hang out. You won't have to wonder if he liked your or not, and if he doesn't like you it will be made clear in the phone call.

    Your best option then is just to call him and find out!


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  • Personally I hate talking on the phone, I run out of things to say pretty quickly. I do prefer texting because I don't have to make up everything on the spot. But I don't stop replying, although I don't usually like texting someone first, That's is probably my own confidence issue, I don't see many other guys having that problem. I'd say he was interested initially then lost interest, It might seem abit quick, but some people are that shallow. Any excuse that follows is just an attempt for you to give up trying, as cruel as that is.

  • are you 15 and he's 18?

    then he's probably telling the truth. 18 and 15 is a pretty big deal. 18 is legal, and at that age its fine to think about sex, legally and from a puberty perspective.

    You can't have sex with a minor, its not a good idea and if this is the case at best he wants to be friends.

  • Some guys just get numbers like crazy and don't call if they don't need to.

    I would call him once and see what he does/says. Hearing his voice and how he says it should give you an indication better as to his intentions.

    • But if he wanted to talk to me he would of called right? I'll feel akward calling him because I don't think he's intrested.

  • What maybe he started talking to you and seen that he just doesn't feel you. Did he know how old you were when he got your number? I think you should forget about it and move on with it.


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  • some guys get a girl's number just to see if they can. its an ego boost for them. don't call him

    • In response to the update I'd say leave it alone. those people telling you to call? wtf I don't get that. he wasn't shy enough to exchage numbers so he's not too shy to talk to her. he mentioned he had a problem with the age difference so that's most likely what it is. following some of the advice on this site will have you looking like a lost puppy! he's not interested