Wanna text this girl I've seen a few times outside college, and I just really want to see her?

I want to text this girl that I really like to see her, maybe not in a date way. I'm not gonna see her at college anymore since we have finished so I need to make an effort to see her. But I don't wanna seem to creepy or anything, and I got a feeling she does like me, so what should I text her with to meet up with her?


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  • I would just be straight forward. and considering you have her cell number I'm guessing she wouldn't mind hanging out with you [know what I mean]. Just be like "hey its _____, I was just wondering if you'd be interested at all in hanging out sometime this week [or whenever you'd want to hang out with her] to catch up and stuff.

    You can obviously reword it. but be straight forward and I think the "to catch up" would help if you don't necessarily want her to look at it as a date.

    Best of luck =)


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  • I agree with deviousoblivity, asking her to to hang out and "catch up" is a good way to keep it from looking like a date. Though I'd suggest calling her instead of texting her. (that is unless you two communicated a lot in the past via texts) Its nerve-wracking as hell but I've been told by "friend girls" that they would prefer a call over a text. Calling her in person could also give you a better idea of how much interest she would have in hanging out with you by her responses. I'd suggest you call with an idea of what you might want to do to catch up. Like grab a cup of coffee/get lunch/dinner etc. (though the dinner thing might be a bit more date-ish)