Should I write to my ex because I miss him?

We broke up 2 months and half ago, Not becausewe lost attraction for each other but just because I moved to other continent!
At first i was acting a little cold towards him but he hasn't write to me in 1 month and I miss him so much.
I was thinking in asking him why he doesn't write to me anymore. Would be ok or too dumb?


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  • Yeah, text him. Just talk for a bit, to not lose contact.

    I was in a similar situation, except that we didn't end up together because of the distance, I regret not talking to him more with all my heart, u never know when it can be too late, so from my experience I'd suggest to just talk to him, you don't need to get together again, just talk as friends. Ask him how he is doing and all that. You don't lose anything


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  • Why did you act cold at first? Did you agree to remain friends? You can write him but don't ask why he doesn't write you anymore, instead just write him like you would a long lost friend. "Hey, how are you? What's new? Just wanted to touch base" that kind of thing. Just keep in mind he may or may not respond and if he doesn't, don't make a big deal of it. It just means he's moved on and doesn't want to keep the communication open. Maybe he has a new girlfriend etc.


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  • I think you should not write to him. You should move on.