Guys do you like it when a girl texts you first that you might like?

Been texting a guy he flirts with me every now and then he use to text me 1st but he said he forgets to sometimes so I always text him first but when I text him he always acts like he wants to talk to me so guys should I keep texting him 1st or do you think i am annoying him? and do y'all like it when a girl text you 1st

thank you =)


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  • If he always acts like he wants to talk to you, it means he likes to do it, and he won't find it annoying if you text first. If he doesn't feel like talking to you though, you'll have to respect that. You'll know he won't be in the mood when he doesn't reply that often, or his responses aren't very... enthusiastic? When that happens, it's not that you're annoying him - it's probably because he's busy doing something. But if you really feel like texting him first, go ahead! ^^ Just be sure not to overdo it because I know some guys don't like it when you text them 4-5 different times a day! One of the most annoying things of being a guy, is that we're always expected to start things. And sometimes we get tired of that. xD


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  • My advice is to infer that he call you! This not only puts the ball back into your court but you will feel much more comfortable knowing that he cares enough to call!

  • It's bait and switch...If you are always starting then there may be a problem or you need him to realize the silence when you aren't texting him. Give him the chance to realize when you aren't texting him to give him the chance to start. If he doesn't, then he may not have the same interest. OR, shake it up and pick up the phone for a change.

  • I like it when I am texted first, but if you are always the one texting first you might want be cautious, if you text him first all the time, and he never texts you first, it is hard to believe that he is just forgetting. I understand that the dude may be shy, and I get that, but he should also be showing you some attention.

  • If you and him are pretty close and like each other I think he would really like you texting him first. it will make him think better of you and will really improve his confidence. keep it up, and other girls who wait and wait until he texts should stop being proud and stubborn and text him first.


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  • give it a few days, if he doesn't text you he's obviously not thinking about you much

    hope things work!