Not a single text in between?

I am going on a date w/a guy I met in the next couple of days. I know people get busy at work, friends etc, but it almost seems like as though the guy is not super ineterested in me, granted he made the plans for the date (the last time he texted me was earlier this week). I guess I can't judge cause my ex and I texted like crazy even before our 1st date, but that relationship sparked and fizzled. Is this normal for some people that are interested and just not great texters? by the way other then confirming our date, I haven't texted him.


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  • If the date goes well then you will have plenty of stuff to text about afterwards based on what you talked about during the date - you will both hopefully know each other better and feel more comfortable.


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  • Speak to him about your concerns, let him know that girls can be sensitive, and it'll be better if he talks more about his life etc. It always comes down to one word - compromise.

    I've known people who're interested but not great texters, they can take hours to reply. It makes me feel insecure too, but keep yourself occupied and don't think too much. Over time, you'll get used to it. (I've tried that and it worked!)