What will I do?

okay , so there's this guy i like and i dont know if he likes me too. He's been here for two years and last month i gathered up my courage to talk to him ( he always starts the conversation, last time i was surprised he knows my name i didn't told him that but his dad knows it. We talked about civil war, history, world events and the like. One time, when we are about to part ways, he extended his hand and i personally thought he wants to shake hands so i squeezed it and he said he's expecting for a high five, so i withdrew my hand but his hand is still extended and so i gave him a high five but then he squeezed my hand. We made some arrangements to meet on March 22, and i am too shy to remind him. Please help, What does this mean and what will i do? thank you. xoxo


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  • your just overthinking it could be possible that he likes you, but from what im getting is he's just probably likes you as a friend. it could be also possible that he will tell you on march 22 that he likes you.

    • Well , i have noticed that he is not always shaking but last time when he asked me to look at his phone. His hand was shaking, so i asked him why and he said he always shakes.

    • hmm, looks like he likes you

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  • Aw Thats so romantic. Is march 22 a special day? Just curious

    • Its the last day of school , so i need to unwind. Last time when he asked when is the exact date, i said " wait a sec". and i viewed my calendar, he sat down beside me and he said you didn't put anything on your calender, whats wrong with you.