I'm always doing things for my boyfriend?

So I'm 17 and he's 19 and we've been dating for about a year now and mOst of the time when we are together i like to do things for him like get him food, clean up his stuff etc only because he's lazy and keeps a messy room I even go to the shops at 8 am in the morning just to get him stuff if he'd been out or because he's tired, and we were talking and I told him what does he do for me and he said he doesn't really know what he's done for me like that so why is this? Does your partner do this to you?


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  • So your complain is that you constantly do things for your boyfriend, yet he doesn't do the same? I think that's completely unfair and it ruins the balance of your relationship. If you have already talked to him about it and he doesn't seem to be willing to give you more, then you should reconsider the relationship, otherwise you're going to be unhappy.