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I dated this guy for 2 years. We have a history of 6 years. He's been there for me through so many stages in my life. He's been the one I can trust and the one who is always there. Toward the end of our relationship we fought all the time, so we ended it. We have been separated for over a year now. We have just started seeing each other again and things were going great, and yet again we got into a fight.pretty much over nothing and I blew up at him. I know its not an excuse but the only time we fight, or I fight with him is when alcohol is involved. I guess I ask my self why he even bothers with me? I love him and I know he does me, I just don't know what to do and how to make things better. Even if we don't end up back together I still want him in my life. Help with an advice! Thank you!


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  • i have something just like that, only on the guys side, I dated this girl 4 bout a year, but b4 this we had a history 4 about 3 years before that, and I always try 2 be there 4 her, and we broke up then got back 2gether about a month ago, and know I realize it was cause were liked each other cause of our history, but when we would start dating we wouldn't actually be that close, but this time its working great, and the reason is, we didn't start dating again until we were really good friends, and now its working, so that is my advice 2 u, try to make sure your REALLY good friends b4 you try and go out with him again

    • I think people should always have a solid friendship before starting a relationship


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  • Go to a couples therapists. I know it sounds a little over the top and can be a little expensive but the therapists are there as a mediator to help communication. It really does help in communicating with the other person. Also if you get like that because of alcohol then your either drinking too much or you shouldn't be drinking at all. From my perspective it seems like alcohol changes your personality which might be why you guys get into it.


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  • Hmmm. Well you mentioned alcohol and that concerns me. But I'll get back to that. Sounds like you guys do have a connection because you keep coming back to eachother. The question is, what exactly are you fighting about? Are there trust issues, affection issues, or just individual issues that maybe you, individually, need to look at? Think about that. How much do you depend on alcohol? Do you always drink when you're together? Maybe cutting that out of your life for a while and communicating with him about what you both want and how you can make each other happy is a good start. Why would you ask yourself "Why does he bother with me?" Do you have some self-esteem issues that maybe you need to look into? Obviously he cares about you to want to give it another shot. But, look deep inside yourself to see what the real problems are. I think as long as you guys communicate with each other about your wants and needs, and seriously cut the alcohol out for a bit, you should be fine. Good luck!