Why he stops texting for a few days (before he texted me everyday) and suddenly started a veryyyy short convo again? What does he want?

We've been chatting every night for a couple of hours until either falls asleep. And we met once every week despite his tight schedule. But suddenly, everything stop after a study date. This week, he only initiated convo with me twice, on Monday (this lasted long but was not continuous), and today (he suddenly pm me to tell me that he got the job we've been talking about this past few weeks) and when I said "i told you", he replied, "have so much confidence in me?" And when i said something, he stopped, seen my mess and that's it for today girl :/ This makes me sound really creepy, but I camped on his Whatsapp status and saw that this guy is not the type that is online all the time. In fact, he's on and off many times, but each time for only a few minutes. So there is this part if me that really hopes he only spent so much time online for me :( Maybe he was busy this week? Or is it a sign that I should let go of all hopes? Why does he tell me about the interview result when he could have got rid of me earlier? Should I initiate or ask him smt?


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  • Whatever it might the best thing would be ask him him directly.. Sometimes people don't understand in their problems how their actions effect others maybe he's might be just insecure.. Actually it could be anything at all.. Just hit him up ask him whats up.. Tell him that you're hurt and say it directly... Even if he wants to drop you at least you wouldn't feel like you didn't try.. No regrets ok

    • Many of my friends also advice me get the answer. Otherwise I cannot move on. But... is it a little to much to press some guy into telling me what he feels about me, especially when I am not confident in the answer

    • its not pressing him.. you're just asking him... its ok.. at least you should share what you fell

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  • Maybe he is playing games. However, your conversations sound entirely friendly.

    • Yeah, this one is. Actually, the most personal topic we discussed is our parents, and he told me about a friend who is dating someone. But should I get an answer for myself? Or is it too creepy?