I asked her out twice and the answer was busy, But... ?

Hi everybody

i like her -badly in fact- we work in the same place and we are in the same age 34

we talk once before and because there is no time to share any conversation during workday i decided to take the whole matter out of the workplace

i asked her out and she replied "Busy"
i asked her after 2 week and the answer was still "Busy"

i didn't go for the third, but after another 2 weeks i realized that she smile to me whenever we had an eye contact, and saying hi a lot during the day 3 or 4 times every day in a way i could say it is worm and nice, comparing with other college in the work she never did that

the question is, is this a message i should get to try for the third time or am i over thinking and i am put too much in what she do?

thank you in advance


What Girls Said 1

  • Well you know what they say: third times the charm. Try one last time and say something like: You have been really busy lately, you totally deserve a night off and just hang out ;) Would you like to have some coffee with me? If she still says busy then there is your answer that she is not into you like that! If a person likes someone they will ALWAYS find time for them. Just be careful and be prepared that anything can happen! Good luck :D


What Guys Said 2

  • ask her, if she says i am busy jokingly say "this is where you tell a time when you're free" if she says nope just walk away

  • No, you're over thinking. You're probably friendzoned.