Parental Involvement. Good or bad?

Won't go into a ton of detail. In a nutshell, I was recently turned down by a guy who everyone thought really liked me. He said because he was having money issues he wasn't looking for something. The week after that he tried desperately to get my attention and when I was cool (and hurt) he was visably devastated. The week after that, his dad showed up and ended up talking to me about the situation and said he'd talk to the guy but that 'this conversation never happened.'
So, how do you guys feel about a parent being involved in your private affairs? Does it depend how close your family is? Does it make a difference if the sitaution is somehow really good or bad? When is parental interferance acceptable?

*To make things more funny, the dad said "when he does finally choose a girl, she'll be the luckiest girl in the world." I said "I agree but you aren't making me feel much better" and he just laughed and waved me off like I was silly. Talk about making things complicated.


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  • In my view parents shouldn't get involved in their children's private life. I mean parents can surely listen to their children if they are undergoing some emotional pain, or heartbreak and offer some guidance and knowledge but they themselves shouldn't do anything to solve their children's problems as far as their private life is concerned.

  • What mean parents controlling who his son dates. I think parents should have no control over dating

    • I don't think it has anything to do with controlling who their kid dates, not in this situation anyways. As for situations where things are set up and controlled by parents, I don't agree with it but it's often religion based so I won't debate it.

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  • Weird.