Girls, Any tips for a shy and unattractive guy?

I just moved to a new location where I don't really know anyone, I am not the most attractive guy (22yrs old) around and when I see a girl I like I get kind of nervous and I never say anything because I feel like I'm kind of ugly and I figured why would someone want to talk to me. When I see a girl I like I feel shy and nervous and I avoid any contact. Any tips for a shy (unattractive) guy talking to girls?


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  • To be fair unattractive people's best option is confidence. Best thing is a guy accepting their body and face as it is, and doesn't let that take them down is always nice to see. Seen plenty of not so attractive guys get girls because of it. And also don't be afraid of being yourself, that's also a plus. It takes time to put yourself out there but it will happen if you work for it, I used to be extremely shy but I've worked on my confidence massively.

    Another thing which I've noticed help gain confidence in a lot of shy guys is working out. When they know they look good they start to feel that confidence coming and is more likely to be confident enough to talk to girls knowing they look good.


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  • Practice being confident