When he is at home things are good, when he is away he is distant?

I was seeing my best friend from uni all holidays but now he has gone back to uni & I graduated.
We decided not to be in a relationship because they all fail at our uni because of the culture.
When he comes home on weekends he is lovely & affectionate. He has told me that he won't forget about me or replace me.
When he is there he messages me everyday but barely. He isn't as affectionate over text & I feel forgotten. He was at first, he would call & FaceTime & things but now he has settled into his friend group & he doesn't seem as into me.


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  • It's normal. When two people cannot see and touch each other, it's hard to be affectionate. Texting and calling cannot replace face to face connection.

  • What goes on in person more important.