What do you think? Is he using me?

I met this guy he seems nice we get on and we have had sex but he says he doesn't want anything serious on which is ok because sex is what I'm enjoying but today he texts me asking if I would like to meet to orris because he's in my town. Then he hints that he needs a life to the next town that is 30 minutes away ! When u tell him I'm busy tomorrow he says that's ok babe and he's gone... A user ?

Him not orris lol
A lift not a life lol


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  • if the guy is interested only in sex and nothing else then yeah he's looking for friends with benefits kinda thing with you.

    • He says he wanted to see me then hints for a lift !! Cheeky f.. cker

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    • Joking not joining sorry my phone switches words

    • well' obviously he's lying by saying he's no liar.

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