What do guys consider to be leading them on?

Like, it seems like a lot of times when I'm doing what I'd consider being polite and friendly (even when I don't want to talk to a guy really), I get told by men that I've been leading them on. Just stuff like smiling, answering politely, making sure to maintain eye contact, the general stuff I was taught you do with everyone. Basically just trying to not be a bitch.

So guys, what kind of behavior from a girl would you consider leading you on?


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  • Displaying any form of sexual advances or portraying yourself in sultry clothing with zero intention of having sex.

    • What are you counting as a sexual advance here?

    • so wearing a top that shows a bit of cleavage is considered to be a sexual advance made specifically on you?

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  • Some people are really bad at telling the difference between friendliness and flirting. Like really really bad.

    Once I gave my business card out to a guy at a networking event and he thought I was hitting on him. No dude. I just want a job.


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  • It takes a lot for an actual man to feel he's led on - like several dates with him while sleeping with someone else. A boy will think a flirty smile and some eye contact without giving him sex is enough to make that assessment.

  • Actions that are reserved for a boyfriend


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