How do I make him stop contacting me?

This guy i dated since i was 18-20 ... who screwed me over and was a total douch and cheated and got a girlfriend.
He has a girlfriend and everytime he is alone away from his girlfriend he contacts me,, texts me or fcb.. i blocked him on fcb long time ago and now i see him lurking on my linkd in account wtf.. and he texted me two days ago asking how im doing.. he has a girlfriend.

I have a boyfriend and i am so thankful and happy with my boyfriend and i dont want to go back talking to this douch.. i dont reply or give him any attention..

What do i do?


What Guys Said 2

  • Restraining order LOL.
    Just tell him u've got a boyfriend and ur not looking for a casual hook up... block this guy.

  • can't you block him on linkd in? i would suggest you that you told this to your boyfriend so when he found out he won't be doubting on you that you were trying to cheat on him and so your boyfriend can take care of him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Keep doing what you're doing. You can block his number on your phone if you need to. You can also block him on LinkedIn if it escalates into something even weirder. You just have to go to their profile. I believe it's under the more or ellipsis or something like that.