He canceled our first date and asked for a reschedule, should I go along with it?

I met this guy online and we were chatting throughout the week. I really liked him and he seemed like he likes me too. Only after 2 days of chatting he asked me out on a date (which was supposed to be today). 4 hours before the date he texted me that he can't make it today because he misscalculated something with his work, and immidiatelly asked if we could see each other tomorrow at the same time. Honestly I was a bit pissed but I told him it's okay and that we can see each other some other day because I can't tomorrow (I really can't, it's my mom's birthday and she is making a family dinner). He was fine with us seeing each other some other day, he said something like "I'm not going anywhere, there's time.". But honestly he didn't seem as down as I was, he seemed rather cool with it all. I'm not sure how to take this? No one ever canceled a first date before on me, and neither did I. I was so exited to meet him though, I even went to stylist to wax my body and do my hair, so yeah I kind of feel bad right now. Should I just act like nothing happened and wait for him to ask again? Or should I be scheduling a date since I said I can't tomorrow? Or maybe I should make him "chase" a little bit (I know it's mean but like for example not responding to his texts right away or say that I'm busy)? Or just do noithing and go to a freaking date the next time we are both free?


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  • well no one ever cancelled on you because they had their planning right.

    he made a mistake, he fucked up with his work schedule and obviously had to cancel because its work, he's human.

    just be cool about it, it seems like he is doing exactly that, and see each other when you both can. this really shouldn't be too big of a deal.


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  • Let him know when you are free and then the ball is in his court to ask you out. There are genuine reasons why a person would cancel a date so dont think too much about it. Its normal to get pissed off but you'll get over it the next day.

  • Give him one chance. If he attempts to flake on you again, block him and never contact him again.