Why do men abuse nice women?

it seems to be a huge issue when it comes to anything. Men abuse nice women and they chase mean evil nasty or psycho women. Every guy i've met online, has talked about the 'crazy women' they've met. These women are anywhere from gold diggers, to drug addicts, to mentally ill people. Some of these men have spent lots of money on these crazy insane women, before they dumped them or got dumped. Some of these women have trashed the men's places, used them, cheated on them etc.

these men meet me- a nice sweet educated and pretty female, who is cool and down to earth- not a liar cheater or psycho, and they passive aggressively treat me not so nicely, or are mean or abusive to me. Can someone even remotely explain why? I met a guy recently- he seemed nice but was really passive aggressive. Passive to things, but underlyingly aggressive. he just seemed to want to take his anger out on me or not let me be happy when going out. I finally got sick of it and said something to him. He didn't stop his behavior. Now we set up plans to do something, and he cancelled on me tonight- i know why he did just to piss me off or to be a jerk. Why are males abusive to good women and kiss ass to crazy ones


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  • Well I guess nice people are always the target and they get abused and part of the fault of those nice people who can't stand up and defend themselves.

    However abusive people who abuse nice people aren't justified at all, what they are doing is wrong and I think the reason they are doing is because that's what they know, that's the only way they know to get their work done and their mind functions like that, I suppose!.


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  • Because they have the opportunity to do so.


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  • Women do all this to nice men and abuse nice men all the time as well. I really don't get some people, men and women.

  • Probably because many people seek BDSM and abusive relationships, hence why 50 Shades was so popular.


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