I have been talking to this guy on a dating app for a couple of days and I want to ask him to exchange numbers. Would this be too forward?

I'm asking since I'm used to the guy asking first. From the sounds of things this guy isn't used to online dating and he prefers face to face interaction. He hasn't asked for my number as yet, but the conversation seems to have flowed so far. Do you think I should ask him?

I forgot to mention that I was the one that sent him a charm first so he received a notification to say I was interested, he sent one back and then he sent the first message.


What Guys Said 1

  • Im not into online dating and all this stuff.
    Well if u want then u can exchange numbers.
    I would suggest u to first meet up with him... ask him out in a public place to meet up with u... once u know he is a genuine guy then u can exchange numbers in person.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just make sure this guy is really interested in you.. and if he is then go for it, ask him for his number... Don't be afraid to do it! :)