I'm not a priority anymore?

He is away at uni and having the best time.
He is always hanging out with these new friends of his, who are great people, but i feel like i've become less important to him.
He started by messaging all the time, being affectionate, calling, Face timing etc., now he texts everyday but the conversation is average and he soon checks out to hang out with his friends.

Weekends he comes back and is lovely, affectionate, amazing, but i want to be more of a priority during the week & i don't know how to be...


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  • I get that you want to be a top priority but it's pretty normal that when you're not physically there, you won't be prioritized over the people who ARE there. I mean, put yourself in his shoes... his friends all want to go do something fun and he has the choice to either join them, or stay in his room chatting on the phone with his gf? Which one sounds like more fun?

  • You're not a priority in his life anymore. He's getting involved in other things. If feel like he's not paying that much attention to you anymore, then why don't you use that as a chance you get involved in activities that you enjoy?